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Garden Gift Basket - 12 Items


This Huge Garden Goodie Box is Filled with all you need to get our gardening on. This Gift Set is perfect for everybody you who loves their garden or needs one. Set them up for the perfect garden. This set includes: 01. Garden Flower Planter Tin 02. Garden Hand Shovel with Green Rubber Grips 03. Garden Hand Rake with Green Rubber Grips 04. Flower Print Garden with Rubber Grip Palms 05. Garden Shears for Flowers with Rubber Grips 06. Garden Shears for Shrubs with Rubber Grips 07. Foam Garden Knee Cusssion 08. 1 Box of Wild Flowers Seed Mix Shade Variety 2oz. 09. 1 Box of Marigold Flower Seed Mix 2oz. 10. Set of 12 Planting Starter Pots 11. Set of 30 Plant Feeding Mini Sticks 12. Set of 10 Writable Garden Plant Markers This gift is wrapped in loose gift bag wrapping in store or shrink wrapped for delivery - Matching Bow included

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